Oldham Coliseum Sample Panel

Marshall Errock Construction Ltd established in Oldham since 1983 completing sample panels for the forthcoming Library Development, for the town once world-wide renowned as ‘The King of Cotton’.

The mock up is one of several ideas in regards feature courses, indents, header courses, weather struck,, recessed and jointed pointing, displaying various brick bonds and type, which are being considered whilst working in conjunction with Gilbert Ash Construction.

Crowthers Construction, another Oldham based business provided the excellent example of concrete works pictured above .

Oldham’s answer to Brad Pitt is our very own infamous bricklayer – Mr Reece McFarlane as always looking very dapper, come rain or shine, with a smile that he rarely hides.

Supervising the works was Mr Barry McFarlane, who declined to be on the photo, as he stated he does not like the attention he gets from the ladies whenever a picture of him is posted