October 2010

In 2004 Marshall Errock Construction Ltd embarked on a company strategy to achieve supply chain status with the industry’s most demanding clients. This was implemented to raise the bar on service, our professionalism, delivery, health and safety, programming, youth investment as per the industry leaders directions and targets. It has and remains very challenging.

Morgan Sindall Group is a market leader in all categories and sectors. Following 4-years of efforts in achieving supply chain status, attending LIFE seminars, VISION – Environment – communication – recognition – planning and monitoring, and assistance at tender stage when approached to do so: We are delighted to announce our first tender award at the prestigious Carnegie School Project in Dunfermline.

Marshall Errock Construction Ltd’s 19th School since January 2007. All to date delivered, on time, on cost, to the clients satisfaction and with follow on work with each client, which remains our primary target with Morgan Sindall to repeat.

One of the most demanding specialist Masonry Brick and Blockwork Packages that has emerged throughout the UK this past few years is the Markazi Jamia Mosque. One of the country’s largest and leading award winning contractors Galliford Try, have awarded this project to Marshall Errock Construction Ltd.

The Brickwork is of a highly specialised nature incorporating brickwork designs, arches, patterns, bonds to replicate those performed by craftsman of over 2000 years ago.
This is an addition to our back catalogue of categories which also includes; The Construction of a Football Stadium, Natural Stone, wet and dry cast stone, specialist masonry products, Viaduct Refurbishment work, as well as the Residential, Commercial, Government/PFI, BSF, Retail, Civil’s.

Ecclesiastical work will be a welcome addition to one of the country’s most formidable Masonry Brick and Blockwork C.V.’s spanning 28-years of uninterrupted trading in our particular field of expertise. It is rewarding to be recognised as such by a company of the status of Galliford Try.