FAQ – Customers

When will I get my 50 records?

You will receive the requested records within a few minutes of the completed transaction.

How does your system generate the 50 contact details?

Based on the region of your choice, randomly chosen records are provided through a lottery system from our ever growing database.

Additionally, as the records are provided through the lottery system, there is a possibility that you will receive duplicate records.

Can I buy more than 50 records?

No, this is to ensure that the bricklayers/stonemason’s records are evenly distributed as to achieve a fair number of job opportunities.

What other services does MEC for masonry, brick, and blockwork?

MEC are a specialist in masonry, brick and blockwork and have been since our inception in 1983.

We will still offer the service for carrying out contracts on Supply and Fix including – Scaffold, Labour Only or any combination of the two. So the opportunity for clients to purchase bricklayers and stonemasons directly is an additional option with what we already offer still available.

We still offer the services for

Are there any parameters that apply to either party in prices or wage structures?

Other than beyond legal statutory requirements, all rates, bonuses, hourly rates and prices are agreed direct with the candidates you approach.

What if the phone number is discontinued?

If a record is found to have a discontinued number then it must be reported within 14 days of the transaction. On the confirmation that the number no longer exists, 3 numbers will be provided randomly within the region selected and the record containing the number will be removed from the database.

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